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Going through customs

This French guide offers vocabulary, expressions, dialogues to better cross the province of Québec or borders.


Understanding questions like:

Who do you work for?

Pour qui travaillez-vous?


What are carrying (transporting)?

Que transportez-vous dans votre camion?

Do you have anything to declare?

Avez-vous quelques chose à déclarer?

Can I see your identification papers (drivers licence etc.,)?

Puis-je voir vos papiers d'identifications?

I need to see your electronic manifest/bill of lading/driver's license/log book/FAST card.

J'ai besoin de voir votre manifeste électronique /connaissement/permis de conduire/carnet de route/carte pour le programme EXPRES.


Every important questions and dialogues are in this guide.

 Vehicle inspection 

Going through inspection in French, knowing the parts of the truck, the expressions and dialogues to better understand and to carry out procedures etc. and a lot more.

Check for the presence of hazardous material.

Vérifier la présence de matière dangereuses.

Leaks/spills/unsecured cargo

Fuites/déversements/chargement dangereux

Measure push rod travel (all brakes)

Mesure du  mouvement de la tige de poussée (de tous les freins)

Marking / cargo tanks / portable tanks

Marquage / camions-citernes / citernes mobiles

Air & electrical lines

Conduites d'air comprimé et canalisations

Sliding tandem

Train roulant multiposition

Everything you need for the inspector and the driver.

At the customer's

At the customer you will you will be able to say : 


Where is the receiving dock? Où est le quai de déchargement. 


FOB is prepaid. The FAB payé d'avance.


Here's the bill of lading. Voici le connaissement. 


This shipment is misrouted. Le chargement a été acheminé au mauvais endroit.

Prepare your trip abroad!

With this guide, you will have everything that is important for the road. The subjects like the police, at the hospital, at the restaurant, the menu, the weather, in case of an accident, possible questions and a lot more.


It will help you to better understand the French environment and you will save time and money.


* Be ready and prepared to face any situation     with this French guide.

A book of 58 pages with USB key

Easy to use, just listen to the audios and learn everything you need for the road and you are all set to go. 


Keep it for your next trip.


Also available in French-English, and Spanish-English.


To learn a specialized course in French can be very expensive, although we made this guide affordable and accessible at any time without complication. You just keep the guide with you for the road.


A second language course specifically for truck drivers for $159.95 CAD for Canadian Orders,  $185.00 CAD for International Orders.

To view the guide go to the menu bar and click on the English-French version

Get your guide today !
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