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More than 20 Years
of experience
in teaching English/French 

About us

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Centre d'anglais des Bois-Francs, a second language school since 1996, dedicated to helping others to communicate in a second language in the workforce, specifically in transportation.  Being attentive how time- consuming can be a problem when it comes to learning a language, we have created a French guide for Truck Drivers. This French course is easy and accessible at all time, and its content reflects all the subjects that are crucial for delivery, crossing at  the border, vehicle inspection, on the phone, vehicle breakdown, weather, police, restaurant and much more.


A book of 58 pages includes two compacts disks or USB key, will surely be an excellent reference when asked certain questions or information in French. Very effective for beginners and intermediates who wish to learn French as second language to deliver abroad or just getting that truck driving job. 


This language guide is available in French-English, English-French, and Spanish-English.


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